2024 Wedding Dress & Bridal Trends to Look Out For

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model popping champagne in a dramatic tulle wedding dress

Confête is buzzing with excitement as 2024 is shaping up to be the most enchanting year for bridal fashion. Whether you’re walking down the aisle or just daydreaming, we’re here to unveil the latest bridal style must-haves. It’s time to dive into the dazzling world of 2024 wedding dress and bridal trends. 

Lace Loving

a model in a grassy yard wearing a lace wedding dress and a flower crown

Selena Lace Midi

The allure of lace transcends time and trends. This year, it’s not just about including lace but letting it steal the show. While lace necklines are drawing attention, the charm doesn't stop there. Whether it's a sultry mini with lace detailing or a full-length gown reminiscent of old-world romance, lace is the go-to wedding dress trend for 2024 brides who are seeking both classic elegance and modern charm.

Drama Queen Silhouettes

a model holding a white bouquet and wearing a dramatic tulle wedding dress

Chloe White Tulle High-Low Maxi Dress

For brides eager to command every gaze in the room, high-drama silhouettes are an absolute must. Drop-waist silhouettes elegantly accentuate, adding a touch of 1920s glamour. And for those seeking volume, maximalist tulle dresses are making a grand entrance, offering a fairy-tale charm perfect for twirling and turning heads.

Sassy Separates

a model wearing a white tulle skirt and crop top set

Paulina Pearl Studded Crop Top

Wave goodbye to the conventional and embrace the world of chic separates and sets for the big day. These are not your typical bridal pieces; they're a contemporary twist on bridal fashion. Crop tops paired with voluminous skirts or tailored pants exude confidence and allow for an unforgettable bridal ensemble.

Tailored to Perfection

a model wearing a white blazer and pants set with feather cuffs

Christy Blazer with Feathers

Meticulous craftsmanship and modern sensibilities blend beautifully in bridal outfits with tailored construction. With defined cuts, precision, and clean lines, these trendy 2024 wedding dresses or sets cater to brides with a penchant for contemporary aesthetics.

All That Glitters

a model wearing a white sequin fringe mini dress

Amina Sequin Fringe Mini Dress

If you've ever dreamt of sparkling under the wedding lights, 2024 is your year. Sequins, crystals, and shimmering fabrics are dominating the 2024 bridal and wedding dress trend scene. Glitzy gowns are reminiscent of starry nights, and every movement creates a mesmerizing dance of light. It's not just about the sparkle; it's about weaving a tale of glamour and dreams.

Sheer Brilliance

a model wearing a white lace and tulle high low wedding dress

Elysée Lace Bustier Tulle High Low Maxi Dress

Ethereal, breathtaking, and crafted with tulle, this 2024 wedding dress trend is all about strategic layering, offering sneak peeks and shadows, playing with allure and modesty. Paired with intricate beading or lace appliqués, sheer dresses are perfect for the bride seeking both drama and delicateness.

Textured Tales

a model wearing a white mini dress with 3D floral appliqués

Aria 3D Floral Mini Dress

Texture takes center stage in 2024! Gowns come alive with tactile elements, from 3D florals that seem to bloom right off the fabric to beads and sequins intricately woven to craft a tactile fantasy. These dresses are not just seen; they're felt, creating a multisensory experience for both the bride and her admirers.

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