Our collection of special occasion tops are fun and sassy! From bridal loungewear to dressy blouses for a wedding, we have quality, hand-selected styles just for you. Discover your new favorite, comfy sweater or go-to top for a night out at Confête.

Dazzling Tops

Looking for an elegantly stated sweatshirt that says “bride” so you can stay cozy on the morning of your wedding? Or maybe you are looking for a top that hints that you’re on your honeymoon? At Confête, we have a variety of special occasion tops for any of these wedding-related events.

Don’t think we forgot about our bridal loungewear! Your big day needs big comfort. Relax while you’re getting your hair done in an adorable loungewear set.

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At Confête, we want you to feel your most glamorous. That’s why we consistently offer a wide range of sizes and styles to suit every body and aesthetic. Don’t forget you get free shipping on orders over $150.

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