More Than Just a Shop

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More Than Just a Shop

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For all the lovers, dreamers and thrill seekers — welcome to your place of community and inspiration.  

 More Than Just a Shop...

       Welcome to our blog where we hope to spark joy and creativity. Here, you'll find ideas ranging from what to wear on your Italian honeymoon to summer cocktail recipes to real wedding inspiration and style.  

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 Who Are We...

We’re the girl who dresses up for absolutely no reason at all. Confête is a brand rooted in love, inclusion, friendship, travel and making every day a celebration.

Think about the outfits you were wearing during the most pivotal moments of your life? We believe in style that makes you feel strong, confident, and special, and we're here to help you find that.

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We love love. We believe in celebrating with family and friends, finding fun in all the little things in life, going all out during the holidays, expanding our horizons through travel and new experiences, and sometimes we just want to wear sequins for no reason!

How It All Began...

We opened our sweet, little shop in July of 2020, inspired by tulle dresses, sparkles, ruffles and the joy of dressing up. From there, we've been a part of wedding ceremonies, baby showers, birthday parties and more with new friends from all over the country.

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So here's to all-night dance parties, girlfriends, champagne and a lifetime of fun and adventure... we're so happy you're here to dream with us!

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