What to Wear to a Destination or Beach Wedding

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Yay — you’ve been invited to a dreamy destination or beach wedding! The sun is going to be hot, the air may be breezy, and the water is going to sparkle. Being a wedding destination guest is a double win. You get to celebrate your loved one or friend’s marriage and enjoy a vacation at the same time!

While you’re on vacation, you should always have outfits that set the tone for where you’re at. Wondering what to wear to a beach wedding as a guest? Become one with the waves and let’s take a look at our favorite destination wedding guest outfits.

Tropical Prints

woman wearing coral sequin floral earrings

Tropical prints are a must-have if you’re not sure what to wear to a destination wedding. Featuring bold patterns and vibrant colors, you’ll surely be dressed for the occasion with a tropical print. Look for patterns that showcase palm leaves, hibiscus flowers, and other tropical plants and blooms. Opt for a dress or romper or if you’re expecting it to be breezy and slightly cool, look for a blouse and pair it with white capris. Whatever you choose, this type of outfit really sets the tone for a beachy wedding.

Flowy Dresses 

woman wearing teal beach wedding guest dress

The ocean breeze and salty air will treat you well while you’re wearing a beautiful flowy dress. A flowy maxi or midi dress is a great choice if you’re trying to figure out what to wear to a beach wedding as a guest. Look for dresses that have a lightweight fabric and flowy skirt so that you’re cool and comfortable while enjoying the outdoor wedding venue. A flowy dress literally represents destination weddings and vacation vibes. It’s a double win!

Shades of Blue & Green

woman wearing perfect turquoise beach wedding dress

If you’re not sure what to wear to a beach wedding as a guest, check out colors that represent the stunning location of the wedding! Reminiscent of tropical water and luscious plants, dresses that are shades of stunning turquoise and emerald green naturally fit in with a beach’s color palette. Look for solid-colored dresses or blouses that vibrantly showcase these colors or opt for an outfit that displays these hues in a pattern. Add a few fun accessories and a pair of cute shades and your outfit is complete!

Two-Piece Sets

woman wearing a palm leaf two piece outfit

If you’re looking for an outfit that keeps you cool while offering some major style points, then a two-piece set may be an excellent choice for what to wear to a beach wedding as a guest. 

Whether you choose between a matching top and skirt combo or a top paired with wide-legged bottoms or shorts, you’ll be cool and comfortable throughout the entire ceremony and reception while having a stunning and fun look. Throw on a cute straw hat to complete your outfit!

Sun-Worthy Accessories

woman wearing stunning tropical strapless maxi dress

When it comes down to deciding what to wear to a destination wedding, never be afraid of wearing fun and unique accessories!

Experiment with your style and wear uniquely shaped purses and eccentric sunglasses. Become one with the sand and water by wearing classy white pearls and ocean blue hair accessories. And of course, never miss out on wearing a sun-protecting fashionable hat!

Let’s not forget about jewelry! Not sure what to wear to a beach wedding as a guest as far as jewelry is concerned? Check out our selection of tropical-inspired accessories that feature beaded palm leaves and rattan elements. We also carry stunning floral earrings that are sure to complete any outfit. Floral earrings pay homage to the natural sweet fragrance and beauty of nature with unique nature-inspired designs. 

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