Your Go-To Guide For Unique & Non-Traditional Bridesmaid Dresses

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Your Go-To Guide For Unique & Non-Traditional Bridesmaid Dresses

Step into any modern wedding, and you'll find a colorful and vivacious melange of dresses, emanating creativity and shattering the mold of tradition. Gone are the days of an array of identical bridesmaids in the same color and style. It's the dawn of a fresh and vibrant era where non-traditional, mismatched bridesmaid dresses are taking the stage.

Your bridesmaids are your best girls, your chosen family, and the reflections of your unique journey. Why not celebrate their individuality while staying true to your wedding vision? At Confête, we're all about shaking things up, and we're here to guide you in choosing the perfect alternative dresses for your bridesmaids. Buckle up, future brides; you're in for a delightful, colorful ride!

Harmonious Hues

This is like a classic with a twist. Choose a color that you love or one that complements your wedding theme. Then, let your bridesmaids pick non-traditional, alternative dresses in different shades of that color. From deep plum to lavender, the variation in tones adds depth and texture. It’s cohesive but with a creative flair! It’s like your bridal party is giving an elegant, ombre standing ovation to your wedding. Get inspired with these vibrant color palettes.

Something Blue

model wearing a satin, off-shoulder blue maxi dress

Monroe Satin Off-The-Shoulder Maxi Dress

two models sitting down and wearing blue maxi glitter star dresses

Starry Eyed Glitter Star Mesh Maxi

a model wearing a tiered blue tulle midi dress facing away from the camera

Mare Tiered Blue Tulle Midi Dress

Pretty in Pink

a model wearing a pink tulle halter midi dress beside a rack of similar styles

Tremmezina Tulle Halter Maxi

a model with flowers in her hair wearing a pink ruffle maxi dress

Tori Pink Ruffle Maxi Dress

a model wearing a light pink tulle tiered maxi dress outdoors

Fiori Tulle Tiered Maxi Dress

A Palette of Colors

Why choose one color when the world is your paintbox? Pick a range of colors that complement each other and match your wedding theme. This is where the fun really begins. Your bridesmaids can go all out, selecting non-traditional dresses that represent their personal style while still staying within the chosen hues. The result is a vibrant, lively bridal party that screams, "We’re here to celebrate!"

a model wearing a rose-colored silky slipdress in a gray room

Vanessa Rose Silky Slipdress

a model wearing a lilac strapless tiered mini dress

Aerin Lilac Strapless Tiered Mini Dress

a model wearing a silky green mini wrap dress with a white clutch

Adriana Silky Flared Sleeve Mini Wrap Dress

Fabulous Florals

Spring or garden wedding? Or maybe you’re just a flower aficionado? Either way, non-traditional mismatched floral dresses for your bridesmaids can create a whimsical and dreamy atmosphere. The key is to keep the floral prints in a similar size range to maintain a level of harmony. You can also pick a base color that’s common among the dresses to tie them all together. This style is sure to make your wedding feel like a romantic escape to an enchanted garden.

Exquisite and ethereal, these patterned pretties offer endless possibilities. Pair a daisy-printed dress with a poppy-themed one, or mix roses with lavender. The trick is to ensure that the scale of the prints complements each other.

a model wearing a pink and white floral girl with small sleeves

Daphne Pink Floral Gown

a model wearing a long sleeved, floral maxi dress

Louise Floral Gown

a model wearing a pink jacquard midi dress holding a white bouquet

The Similar Design Element

Let’s talk tulle, lace, or even ruffles! Choosing non-traditional bridesmaid’s dresses that share a similar design element can be subtle but oh-so-chic. This could mean different colored dresses, but all have an element of tulle. Or different styles, but all adorned with delicate lace. This common thread unites the dresses, making them distinct yet harmoniously intertwined.

Try choosing alternative bridesmaid dresses with tulle as their unifying thread. From a swishy tulle skirt paired with an ornate top to a tulle-adorned vintage dress, the options are limitless. The delicate fluffiness of tulle brings a touch of whimsy while keeping your squad stylishly connected.

a model wearing a pink tiered tulle dress in a white room

Tremmezina Short Tulle Halter Mini

a model wearing a lilac purple, midi tulle dress

Fiori Short Blue Tulle Tiered Midi Dress

a model in a field of flowers wearing a pink tulle-sleeved dress

Our Top Tips for Pulling off the Mismatched Look

Okay, now that we've covered some awesome options, how do we ensure that this non-traditional bridesmaid dress look doesn’t turn into a mismatched mess?

  1. Communication is Key: Ensure that your bridesmaids are in the loop. Share your vision and color palette. Give them the freedom to choose, but set some basic guidelines.
  1. Coordination: While we’re all about unique dresses, coordinating accessories can tie the look together. Consider matching shoes, jewelry, or even hairstyles.
  1. Confidence: Lastly, own it! Confidence is the best accessory. When you and your bridesmaids walk down the aisle knowing you look fantastic, everyone else will think so too.

Remember, this day is not just about looking perfect but feeling like the stars aligned just for you. With non-traditional, alternative bridesmaid dresses, not only do you gift your besties the freedom to shine, but you create a canvas that reflects the sheer joy and love of your big day. 

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